Tuesday, May 19, 2020

24. LV masks.Government free masks

COVID-19 STORIES Dr Sing Kong Yuen

A reusable face mask with no filters

“How do you know that your free Government-issue face mask has no filters?” I asked my hair-dresser on 19 May 2020. “I don’t feel any filter inside the mask when I massage it,” he pulled up his mask to cover his nose after I told him the government would fine him $300 for not wearing his mask. “Don’t worry,” he assured me. “The  officer would come inside and tell you to wear your mask!”    This image shows him shampooing a lady after hair cutting. The aunty reclined on the chair with her face masked head on the sink. He massaged her hair and soap bubbles wandered to above her masked nose.    “Take off your mask!” he commanded. This was one very careful aunty. 

She wore a good 3-ply mask with filter. Earlier, he had opened a packet with a mask inside. The loose filter fell onto the floor!  I promptly took off my mask during my turn to cut my hair, so as not to frustrate him!

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