Friday, May 15, 2020

22. Mask-wearing - knitted straps for Muslim women

Ms Neo Su Yin sewed buttons onto hundreds of knitted straps. These are worn as extensions to surgical masks, so it is easier for Muslim women to slip on and off their tudungs, instead of going to the toilet each time they need to remove their masks.

Facebook page: Project Co-Knit With Love.  More than 20 knitters and crocheters. 600 straps distributed to SingpPost and ICA.

Anyone working in essential services can contact them via their FB page for a strap. 

Project #CoKnitwithLove

It started as something I observed at work. Many of my female Malay colleagues were looking for ways to improvise how to wear their mask under and over over their tudongs.

I was inspired by a photo that my manager Fareed sent me a couple of days ago. Whipped out my unfortunately oversized knitting and whatever string/yarn I had and made one of this. Gave it to one of my staff yesterday and she loved it ♥️

To my surprise, this is something that will also ease the discomfort of those having to wear mask for Long hours like our healthcare staff who have to wear masks throughout their shift over their scrubs. A few of my dr friends have reach out as well. This will be great to extend to our relentless healthcare community.

Those can knit or crochet please join in this movement to help make these mask straps as part of Project #CoKnitwithlove.

Together we can fight #Covid19 #SGUnited 
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