Friday, May 15, 2020

21. Duck-beaked face masks and France's Paris Opera making masks

May 16, 2020

The Singapore Government is said to be giving duck-billed masks to residents at the end of June. These are uncommonly seen. I saw only 2 medical clinic staff using them last month.

The costume director, Ms Christine Neumeister, preferred the masks with three folds which resemble the surgical one. "It allows you to breath better than the duck beak model," she said. "It was made with light poplin with a cotton fleece in the middle. It was washable to 60 deg C.

In the Paris Opera, during the lockdown, the 30 couturiers sew masks from the home. The masks were delivered in "tutu bags" marked "Opera de Paris". Thee had o be among the chicest personal protection accessories. The people there had the fabric material and the know-how.

Mask making in the costume departments of opera houses across France began in earnest only after the official norms were posted on line at the end of March.

The Marseille Opera asked their masks to get the official imprimatur of the local authorities for use by their staff.

1000 masks a week, they draw on the opera's stock of fabrics. Getting fresh supplies of fabric is difficult. Usual suppliers are out of stock.

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